Build-to-Rent Properties

Discover the Advantages of Build-to-Rent Investments

The growing demand for Build-to-Rent Properties offers substantial opportunity for investors. This new asset class helps satisfy unmet demand for single-family living and benefits from favorable market conditions, leading to superior revenue growth. At Wildhorn Capital, we’re here to help you explore and capitalize on the potential these properties offer.

What Are Build-to-Rent Properties?

BTR developments are new residential communities, increasing U.S. housing supply and helping to address the nation’s housing shortage. BTR communities have the characteristics of single-family homes, built for renters desiring features not typically offered with multifamily properties.

Most BTR properties consist of 50 or more homes or townhomes and operate similarly to multifamily assets. BTR properties are owned by investors and professionally managed, often with community amenities and an on-site leasing office.


The Advantage of BTR

Build-to-Rent Properties

BTR is an appealing alternative for residents who want a single-family home along with the affordability, peace-of-mind, and flexibility that comes with renting. Millennials and empty nesters are driving strong demand for BTR, as they look for rental units to accommodate growing families and maintenance-free home preferences.

The robust market fundamentals has also sparked increasing interest among institutional and retail investors. The appealing rental growth, combined with similar operating characteristics to traditional multifamily properties, makes it a compelling addition to investor portfolios.

Creating a BTR Platform in Central Texas

At Wildhorn Capital, we are creating a platform of BTR communities across Central Texas. All of our communities will be designed to provide a thoughtful approach to residential living.

Attached Two-Car Garage

Probably one of the most desired amenities, an attached two-car garage provides residents convenient parking and storage space, offering them the freedom to securely store their vehicles and belongings while providing easy access.

Private Backyards

Each home will have a backyard, and a covered patio–both
uniquely independent in-demand features that are unmistakably private home features.

Three-Bedroom Layouts

Our homes will feature all 3-bedroom floor plans, providing residents with additional space and flexibility to meet their living needs in a standalone environment.

Community Amenities

The communities will be complete with pools, playgrounds, and other communal spaces to make it easy for renters to meet their neighbors and build relationships.

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