About Wildhorn Capital

Wildhorn Capital is investing in Central Texas real estate for you – the savvy investor.

What We Do

We Offer Investors Risk-Adjusted Multifamily Investment Opportunities

Wildhorn Capital is a real estate investment company focused on multifamily real estate investments. We provide our investors with passive real estate investment opportunities to earn cash flow, appreciation, and tax advantages on their hard-earned capital.To date, we’ve successfully returned over $110 million to investors over the past seven years.

We are laser focused on Central Texas–the preeminent creator of jobs in the country. While we track national and macro trends, we’re focused on what’s happening here at home. We are native Austinites (real unicorns these days) and leverage local market knowledge and lifelong relationships to secure the best opportunities and informational advantages.

Our Track Record

To date, we have returned over $91 million to investors, delivering an average IRR of 29% — beating our pro forma every time.

Within the Austin and San Antonio markets, we are looking for assets that can be improved upon.
Whether that is through repositioning, renovations, improved operations or other creative strategies, we focus on finding value-add assets.


Returned to Investors


Average IRR


Average Equity Multiple

Core Beliefs

We Run Our Company With a Simple Ethos: Do Good.

We believe it is important to invest in our people, our assets and our community, and are guided by always striving to “do good”.

If we “do good” for our residents and our team members, we are confident we are going to “do good” for our investors. The fact that we’re local only bolsters that belief–every investment we make on an asset basis is in fact an investment in our community.

To that end, we prioritize inclusivity, equity and fairness in how we operate our company so that those we do business with can live and work in a safe and quality environment.


Have Fun

We love what we do. Have fun along the way.


Be Simple

Don't overcomplicate things. Keep structures simple and life easy.


Think Long Term

Make long term decisions, because we plan to be doing this for a very long time.


Be Relationship Oriented

Focus on the people, not the assets and investments.


Be Transparent

Don’t hide the cheese, and tell it like it is. Communicate with integrity.

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Baxter at Westwood

Learn about how Wildhorn transformed a multi-family property and successfully exited after two years.